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RDA is a generator of economic and social development in the North-East Region. RDA develops strategies, attracts resources, identifies and implements financing programmes and offers services for stimulating sustainable economic development, partnerships and entrepreneurial spirit.

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Esti aici: Innovation


The project "Development of an Innovative Strategy Continuously Oriented to Valorisation of the Economic Resources in North-East Romania.(DISCOVER NE ROMANIA no.014623) is financed by the European Commission in Sixth Framework Programme, Specific Support actions (SSA), Regional Innovation Strategy Projects (RIS) in Associated States.

The general objective of the project is to develop and implement an innovative strategy in North-East Region of Romania, which contributes to the region competitiveness rising, through the development of a regional innovation support system and the regional innovation culture and awareness. As strategic objective, the project will stimulate the policy makers as regards research and innovation policies and will facilitate the integration of the Universities and Research Institutes along with SMEs and specialised companies for SMEs support in regional, national and European networks of innovation.

The implementing period of the project has 32 months, beginning with 1 June 2005, divided in 3 stages: stage one with a period of 12 months, the second stage of 12 months, and the third stage of 8 months. The budget of the project is 446.667 Euro, the financial amount allocated by the European Commission being of 335.000 Euro.

The project DISCOVER NE ROMANIA is initiated by North-East RDA and developed in partnership with the institutions METRON SRL from Abruzzo Region, Italy and FUNDECYT from Extremadura Region, Spain and the technical assistance is assured by INFYDE, Spain.

An important role of the EU partners and the International Process Consultant is to provide the methodology, contacts and connexions to integrate the existing regional development and R+D+I organisations into the EU networks and to promote the cooperation between regional and EU companies, Technological centres and Universities.

For other details you can contact us at:
North-East Regional Development Agency
Communication, Cooperation and Business Development Directorate
Str. Lt. Draghescu, nr.9
610125, Piatra Neamt, jud.Neamt
tel: +40 233/224168
fax:+40 233/224167
Contact person: Gabriela Macoveiu - Director of Communication, Cooperation and Business Development Directorate

Developing this project North-East RDA became member of Innovating Regions Network in Europe.

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Financing period: June 2005 – April 2008
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