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Mission Statement

RDA is a generator of economic and social development in the North-East Region. RDA develops strategies, attracts resources, identifies and implements financing programmes and offers services for stimulating sustainable economic development, partnerships and entrepreneurial spirit.

Financing Sources

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Organizational structure

Director General

Director General’s Assistant

Planning, Programming Directorate

  • Planning, Programming and Monitoring Department
    • Planning, Programming Office
    • Monitoring RDP/ROP Office
  • Urban Development Department
    • Urban Development Strategies Office
    • Projects Management Office
    • Portofolio Projects Office

Communication, Innovation and External Cooperation Directorate

  • Communication Department
    • Regional Office of Information
    • Regional Marketing Office
    • One Stop Shop Office
  • Innovation and Cooperation Department
    • Bruxelles Representation Office
    • External Cooperation Office
    • RIS3 Management Office
    • Sectorial Specialization Office

ROP Intermediate Body Directorate

Manager Assistant
Technical and Financial Appraisal Office

Deputy Director

  • Projects Control Department
    • Private Projects Control Office
    • Public Projects Control Office
    • Procurement Control and Conflict of Interest Office
  • Projects Appraisal, Selection and Contracting Department
    • Appraisal and Selection Office
    • Contracting Office
  • Projects Monitoring Department
    • Projects Monitoring Office
      • County Offices
    • Contracts Management Office
  • TA and Relation with ROP MA and Digital Archive Department
    • TA and Relation with ROP MA Office
    • Digital Archive Office
  • ROP Ex-Post Monitoring Department

Economic Directorate

  • Financial, Accounting Department
    • Finacial Office
    • Accounting Office
  • Administrative Office
  • I.T. / SMIS Office

Legal and Human Resources Directorate

  • Legal Office
  • Human Resources Office
  • Public Procurement Office
  • Responsible for POS CCE Monitoring

Internal Audit Directorate

  • ROP IB Audit Office
  • Own activityy and Ex-Post Audit Office

North-East Regional Centre of Studies (RCS)

  • RCS Office
  • Projects and Partnerships Office

Business Development Directorate

  • Private Investments Office
  • Projects Office
  • Rubik Hub Office