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Mission Statement

RDA is a generator of economic and social development in the North-East Region. RDA develops strategies, attracts resources, identifies and implements financing programmes and offers services for stimulating sustainable economic development, partnerships and entrepreneurial spirit.

Financing Sources

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RDA Services

At regional level, North-East Regional Development Agency (North-East RDA) offers free services in the following fields:

The Management of the Regional Operational Programme (ROP):

  • Organising information campaigns for ROP through regional conferences, seminars, workshops;
  • Providing guidance and advice to potential beneficiaries and beneficiaries of funding through ROP;
  • Informing the target groups, media and the general public on the availability of European funds and for ensuring transparency on the use of this funds through printed materials and the website;
  • Receiving and registration of funding requests
  • Examination of  administrative compliance and eligibility of funding applications;
  • Organising sessions for technical and financial evaluation, with the support of independent assessors;
  • Informing all beneficiaries of their obligations after signing the financing contracts;
  • Carrying out field visits to verify the projects and conclude financed contracts with beneficiaries;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the approved projects;
  • Receiving payment requests from beneficiaries and verifying the correctness and accuracy of the incurred expenses.

Regional Programming:

  • Elaborating / updating North-East Regional Development Plan and other regional planning and programming documents;
  • Regional planning and programming for 2014-2020;
  • Supporting local public authorities in North-East Region for developing relevant projects, reliable and with impact;
  • Coordination of the regional partnerships.

External Cooperation:

  • Selecting specific regional partners and design projects for accessing international funds that will meet the identified needs;
  • Providing information for potential foreign investors;
  • Establishing and developing relations of cooperation with foreign partners.

Regional Promotion:

  • Promoting regional organizations in the national and international economic environment by including them into databases, web page, brochures, newsletters and their representation at fairs and exhibitions;
  • Facilitating the participation to training and information activities offered by partners of the North-East RDA at national and international level;
  • Organizing economic missions, seminars, conferences and information days at partner’s request;
  • Stimulating the entrepreneurial environment development by facilitating the business association at local and regional level, providing information about financing opportunities through our website, developing support networks for investors and tourism.

North-East Regional Center for Studies

  • Carrying out professional training activities by providing ANC certified courses and specialized training in regional development:
    • Project Manager - COR Code 242101
    • Human Resources Manager - COR 121207
    • Public Procurement Expert - COR Code 214946
    • Project Assessor - COR Code 241263
    • Expert accessing structural funds - COR code 242213
  •    Providing an integrated executive management program

Business Development

  • Development of priority economic sectors
  • Developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem that will lead to the growth of innovative and competitive startups
  • Attraction of private investment supporting the development of the region
  • Expansion of the operations of local companies at international level and increasing competitiveness and innovation